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Body Rituals 

At Eden we offer a range of integrated massage and body rituals designed to intuitively restore equilibrium to the body and mind by blending purpose and intention with high touch rituals and traditional techniques designed to treat individual concerns and areas of focus


Body Scrub 

$220  -  75min

A traditional body ritual that combines mineral rich salts with essential oils and plant botanicals to cleanse the epidermis of impurities, improve the tone and texture of the skin as well as help stimulate blood flow and circulation, decongest the lymph system and support the detoxification process.


Welcome Ritual, Dry Body Brushing

Full Body Salt Exfoliation, Mini Spa Facial, Rain Shower

Hydrating Body Balm Ritual 

The Back Massage

$150  -  60mins

Undivided focus and care delivered exclusively to the back, neck, shoulders and head. 


This massage is designed to wholly treat the upper part of the body by blending massage techniques with stretching and relaxation rituals. Helping to ease muscular aches and pains, relive stress and tension and restore ease of movement within the body


Restore Massage

$145 - 60mins

$175 - 75mins

$200 - 90mins


A deeply restorative massage that works to ground, relax and settle the body & mind.

In each session your therapist will apply a nurturing holistic approach to help release stored stress, calm the nervous system and relieve muscular tension, creating a space to turn inwards and restore peace and calm within. 

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